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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

UP (L)

Director : Pete Docter
Co Director : Bob Peterson

Writer : Pete Docter
Co Writer : Bob Peterson

Main Cast:
  • Edward Asner (Mr. Frederickson)
  • Christopher Plummer (Charles Muntz)
  • Jordan Nagai (Russells)
  • Bob Peterson (Dug/alpha)
  • "Oscar" for best animated movie 2010
  • BAFTA Award
  • Austin Film Award
  • Bodil Award
  • BSFC Award
  • Grammy Award
MPAA Rating : PG
Runtime : 96 Min
Company : Walt Disney Pictures

“Up” one of Disney Pixar’s recent cartoons in 2009 really blew my mind. A story about a widower named Carl Fredricksen and a Young and cute wilderness explorer named Russell with an unlikely friendship to develop between these individuals as they journey to South America. The beginning scene first starts off with the Young Carl Fredricksen who as a kid idolized a renowned explorer, Charles F. Muntz however the authenticity of Charles recent discoveries of a giant bird in Paradise Falls, South America being questioned. The famous explorer’s reputation is jepordized, scrutinized and he is deemed a laughing stock of the whole world. Meanwhile the Young Carl befriends an energetic tomboy named Ellie with whom they each share a common bond that is their profound interest for the explorer.

Ellie also confesses her ambitions to Carl to one day travel to Paradise Falls and move their clubhouse there. Eventually Carl and Ellie get married and grow old together, fast forward to the present where with the recent passing of his beloved wife Carl becomes an angry and bitter man there is also the fact that Carl’s house is now surrounded by Urban Development, he however refuses to sell his property and is involved in a confrontation with a construction worker. He is then forced to face court and by court order forced to move into a retirement home. Carl however doesn’t except this decision and has his own plan to fulfill his late Wife’s plan to move the house to Paradise Falls by making the house his aircraft and attaching thousands of balloons to the house. A Young wilderness explorer named Russell becomes an accidental passenger having encountered Carl earlier in an attempt to earn his merit badge and assisting the elderly to become a Senior Wilderness Explorer, accompanies Carl to his trip to South America where they encounter excitement, adventure and a friendship that bridges their differences.

One of my favorite scenes in this movie is “Married Life”, the scene describes the life story between Ellie and Carl. The portrayal of their love and how happy they were was described in visuals and music without any dialogue what so ever but this was by far the most touching and sentimental scenes in the movie. From the beginning of the movie Carl came off as a likeable character in my book, he was someone that I felt happy for when he was happy with the love of his love and someone that I also sympathized for when he lost her. I also liked the humor in this movie, it was funny but not forced and could relate to adults and children. My other favorite scene is in the end where Russell’s father misses Russell’s senior explorer badge promotion , Carl takes over proudly and present’s Russell his final badge with a grape soda cap badge that Ellie gave to Carl when they first met. I felt happy for Russell that not only did he gain a friend but also a father figure that he could finally rely on. If you haven’t seen this movie then I suggest that you should go see it with your parents or even your grandparents you will be delighted, entertained and moved.

This is my favorite scene =)


  1. Definitely one of best Disney Pixard animation so far!

    I recommend to watch the movie.

  2. I love what you've done with the blog...
    very nice review and layout :)