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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Despicable Me (T)

Director : Pierre Coffin
Co-Director : Chris Renaud

Writer : Ken Daurio
Co-Writer : Sergio Pablos

Main Cast:
  • Steve Carell (Gru)
  • Jason Segel (Vector)
  • Russell Brand (Dr. Nefario)
  • Kristen Wiig (Miss Hattie)
  • Will Arnett (Mr. Perkins)

MPAA Rating : PG rude humor and mild action.
Runtime : 95 Min
Company : Illumination Entertainment

It is a animation and it comes with 3D show in theaters. Basically the movie is about a man who is ambitious since he is a child and rarely gets appreciation and attention from his mother. This guy named Gru (Steve Carell as the voice talents) speaks English in Russian accent.

In the movie, Gru acted as a world’s best thief. He actually stole Liberty Statue, Eifel Tower and etc. one day, Gru was watching the news, and he was surprised that he is not the only greatest thief in the world. Vector (Jason Segel as the voice talets) was the one who stole Pyramid. However, people only know that Gru is the only thief who will stole the Pyramid. Gru was so angry when a lot of people are actually calling him and congratulate him for stealing the Pyramid. Where it is actually Vector stole it.

Gru felt the competitions, and now Gru plans to steal the moon, however he needs a loan from the Evil bank BUT sadly the bank thinks Gru is not the guy worth investing in anymore. Because of the younger thief, who is Vector.
However, Gru kept thinking how to bring down this Vector. As Vector was chosen to be the one who gets the trust from the bank.

While Gru is trying to breakdown Vector’s house, Gru saw this orphan girls go through his house as this girls are selling cookies and candies. Here comes Grus’s sneaky idea. He about to adopt this 3 girls, just to breakdown into Vector’s house by making cookie robots. do you think it works? Well, the more I share the more not cool the movie gonna be. As in my opinion, Despicable me produces too many trailers, which is a spoiler when u actually watching it.

Because you already know what is going to be happened, is just the same in the trailers. However, this movie got me laugh so much.. i admit, this movie made my day today.. and I guess, this movie is highly recommended to watch.. all range of age.

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