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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (L)

Director : Shane Black

Writer : Brett Halliday
Co-Writer : Shane Black

Main Cast:
  • Robert Downey Jr. (Harry Lockhart)
  • Val Kilmer (Gay Perry)
  • Michelle Monaghan (Harmony Faith Lane)

Award :
  • Empire Award
  • PFCS Award
  • SDFCS Award
  • Satellite Award

MPAA Rating : R for language, violence and sexuality/nudity.
Runtime : 103 Min
Company : Warner Bros Picture

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a movie mix of crime and comedy which basically based on the novel Bodies are where you find them by Brett Halliday. The reference for the film title is base on adaptation of Pauline Kael’s book which she called perhaps the briefest statement imaginable of the basic appeal of movies, which if you further think about it is an irony on films today that only use that appeal in their movies. Anyways the film is narrated by a small time criminal Harry Lockhart who fled after a robbery.

Harry avoids the police by ducking into a film audition and quite frankly is able to impress the producers with his either wise convincing method acting, hire him and fly him to Hollywood where Harry meets private investigator who happens to be gay, Perry Van Shrike who also helps him with his role for the movie. While at a Hollywood party Harry bumps into his highschool crush Harmony Lane, both of them leave to Harry’s apartment but the romance is crushed Harry somehow accidentally sleeps with Harmony’s friend because he was drunk. Meanwhile while working with Perry, Harry accidentally stumbles upon a kidnapping and murder conspiracy that involves a very high profile heiress.

With a crime scene that is intended to frame and incriminate Harry he is able to convince Harmony that he is a detective and both of them investigate her sister’s murder because Harmony believes that the murder of her sister is someone who is also targeting her.

As events related both of the crimes unfold Harry, Perry and Harmony cooperate together to investigate thus endangering all of their lives in the process and revealing a major conspiracy. First of all, I really love this movie I think this movie is funny, witty and well I love the people who star in this movie. Robert Downey is able to play the guy that who we perceive as a charmer and somewhat of a womanizer while Val Kilmer has gone back to his roots playing comedy, I think that he is funny without being over the top in anyway.

I recommend this movie to all comedy enthusiasts out there get a glimpse of Robert Downey before Iron man believe me, you won’t be disappointed.

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