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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Harold and Kumar : Go To White Castle (T)

Director : Danny Leiner

Writer : John Hurwitz
Co-Writer : Hayden Scholossberg

Main Cast:
  • John Cho (Harold Lee)
  • Kal Penn (Kumar Patel)

MPAA Rating : R for strongly for language, sexual content, drug use and crude humor
Runtime : 88 Min
Company : EndGame Entertainment

Harold Lee (John Cho) the type of person serious, book worm,and he is a shy Korean-American accountant. Where his best friend, Kumar Patel (Kal Penn), an Indian-American, is always crazy over party, and his parents think he's about to enroll in med school. One night Harold and Kumar were getting stoned, and there is a White Castle commercial plays on TV and gives them an extra imagination where they are already high.

They are actually hungry as the effect of ganja, and Kumar seems to remember that there is a White Castle near where they live. So they decided to go and drive to White Castle to have the Burger as in the commercials.

As they drive and there is a hijacks asking for a ride, and Harold and Kumar surprised that the guy was Neil Patrick, an actor. After some chatting, Harold and Kumar felt something wrong with this hijack guy and decided to stop by in the gas station. After they stop, they decided to leave this Neil Patrick. Unfortunately, the car was stolen by that guy and they start arguing and blaming on each other haha.

In the end, they are force to walk to the white castle and go through bushes and forest where as they were high caused of ganja, they met this cheetah in the jungle and they are so freaked out after saw a corpse by the cheetah.

Basically this movie was one of my favorite, I really wish to have the DVD of this movie as I lost it. This is the movie that never fails to make me laugh so hard. And I rate this as 8.5 out of 10. I really recommend this movie. U guys should watch this marvelous movie hahaha

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