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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Spirit (L)

Director : Frank Miller

Writer : Frank Miller and Will Eisner

Main Cast:
  • Jamie King (Lorelei Rox)
  • Gabriel Macht (The Spirit/Denny Colt)
  • Eva Mendes (Sand Saref)
  • Samuel L. Jackson (The Octopus)
  • Scarlett Johansson (Silken Floss)

MPAA Rating : PG-13 intense sequence of stylize violence and action, brief nudity and sexual content.
Runtime : 103 Min
Company : Lionsgate

Base on adaptation comic book called "Spirit" written by legendary "Will Eisner"

Based on the newspaper comic strip by Will Eisner, The Spirit was directed and written by Frank Miller and stars Gabriel Macht, Eva Mendes, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L Jackson, etc. The story starts off with a good policeman named Denny Colt who returns from the death as “the spirit”, a hero whose mission is fight against any evil forces invading the city including has arch nemesis, The octopus who murders anyone who comes into contact with him and is unfortunate enough to see his face. The Octopus has come up with an evil plan to wipe out the entire city.

The Spirit however must track down the evil Octopus from the city’s rundown warehouses, catacombs all the while facing the city’s beautiful women. Who have their own agenda’s towards the spirit either to seduce, love or kill the masked vigilante.

The movie despite it’s star studded cast and extensive promotion was a critical and commercial fail. However it was more successful once released in the blu-ray version, which I even bought myself and love the high- definition Cinema photography.

I also loved the concept of this movie about a modern hero, he wears converse I don’t know how modern that gets. The style, the acting also made it feel like a real life comic strip. However I thought Samuel L Jackson as The Octopus was a little over the top and the dialogue was a little cheesy.

Overall i liked this movie but in comparison to other Frank Miller movies this was the least i liked but if you like comic strips coming to life in movies and film noir i recommend this is the right movie for you. I heard a lot of people find this movie not very good because of the story concept but personally it is a bit 50s comic cartoon style that is why for some people would see this movie bad.

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