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Monday, July 12, 2010

Sin City (L)

Director : Frank Miller
Co-Director : Robert Rodriguez

Writer : Frank Miller

Main Cast:
  • Jessica Alba (Nancy Callahan)
  • Devon Aoki (Miho)
  • Rosario Dawson (Gail)
  • Benicio Del Toro (Jackie Boy)
  • Michael Clarke Duncan (Manute)
  • Bruce Willis (Hartigan)
  • Brittany Murphy (Shellie)
  • Clive Owen (Dwight)
  • Mickey Rourke (Marv)
  • ASCP Award
  • Saturn Award
  • Austin Film Award
  • Austin Film Critic Award
  • BMI Film Music Award
  • Technical Grand Prize
  • COFCA Award
  • CFCA Award
  • Audience Award
  • MTV Movie Award
  • OFCS Award
  • SDFCS Award

MPAA Rating : R for strongly stylize violence, nudity and sexual content including dialoque
Runtime : 124 Min / 147 Min (for unrated version)
Company : Dimensions Films

This is overall the most unique movie I have ever seen. Sin City is a 2005 movie adaptation based on Frank Miller’s one of my favorite graphic novel of all time. The genre of the movie is a combination between action, crime and thriller with a slash of film noir into the mix. The plot of the movie itself focuses on Basin City, a city nicknamed “Sin City” that has four inter-weaved stories based in this city.

The first story is a short story that reflects the depression of women that need to pay a man to loved her when they commit suicide. While the second story Part one of the yellow bastard is about a cop that saves a young little girl from being raped.

The third story features a man seeking revenge on a ruthless murder who murdered his one night stand, the one and only girl who gave him a chance. While the fourth story, The big Fat kill is about a man who must dispatch of a cop’s body but he must go out of town to do so. All of the stories are somewhat connected and feature a star studded cast.

I remember back in the day when this movie was about to premier it created such a hype maybe it was due to stars and to the editing of this movie which is somewhat like a comic strip bought to life. Overall all of the stars cast did a great job in potraying their characters.

My favourite story though was the second one that featured Mickey Rourke and Jamie King and Elijah Wood who did good as the ruthless murderer. Overall I recommend this movie to mature audiences only and those who appreciate and love watching film noir back in the day.

Don't you just love violence ? one of my favorite scene.

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