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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Meet The Parents (T)

Director : Jay Roach

Writer : Greg Glienna

Co Writer : Mary Ruth Clark

Main Cast:

  • Robert Deniro (Jack Byrnes)
  • Ben Stiller (Gaylord "Greg" Focker)
  • Teri Polo (Pam Byrnes)
  • Blythe Danner (Dinna Byrnes)


  • ASCAP Award
  • American Comedy Award
  • Golden Screen
  • MTV Movie Award
  • People's Choice Award

MPAA Rating : Rated PG-13 for sexual content, drug references and language.

Runtime : 108 Min

Company : Universal Pictures

Stiller plays as Greg Focker (sounds like F*cker), a Jewish male nurse who is ready to propose to his girlfriend, Pam (Teri Polo), a schoolteacher. Problem is she catches him at the wrong time when she mentions that her father, who is hard to please, has agreed to her other sister's wedding proposal to be married on their front lawn.

It started when Greg and Pam go to meet her parents on Long Island, NY, to attend the wedding. Pam's father (Robert De Niro), who pretends as a retired florist to cover for his ex-CIA activities, and Pam's mother (Blythe Danner) who is a house wife and has a tender smile.

Everything goes wrong from the start of what should be an enjoyable weekend. Firstly, Greg screws up the family prayer at the dinner table when he hilariously mentions how to milk a cat (which he is telling bad jokes, and creates a sudden silence in the dining table haha).

Suddenly, there is a cat running named Mr. Jinx (De Niro's beloved pet), and he considers as much as a family member too. However Mr. Jinx has been trained to relieve itself in a toilet, but Greg act smart, and he doesn’t know that the cat is so important to De Niro, and at one point that the cat gets into the toilet flush too. Then there is the whole septic tank incident.

Her dad was so pissed off, and trying to examinate more on Greg by excruciating lie-detector test followed by the usual misunderstandings about marijuana, and the constant use of Greg's last name ad nauseam.

I just think he is the clumsy nerd with a core of humanity. We may not always understand his motives but we can't help but feel sorry for him, even if he spray paints a cat's tail! Hahaha

I just think ‘Meet the Parents’ was the best comedy movies I ever watch up to 2001 , where the movie released on 2000. It generates laughs through Greg’s increasing feelings of embarrassment and frustration. I highly recommended this movie, for those love COMEDY.. as i laugh so hard watching this movie.

i will definitely rate this movie as 8.5 out of 10 :)

It's got a nice idea for anyone who fancies changing the colour of their cat’s fur. Haha you should watch and you will understand it :)

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