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Sunday, July 11, 2010


Director : Nimrod Antal

Writer : Alex Litvak
Co Writer : Micahel Finch

Main Cast:
  • Adrian Brody (Royce)
  • Topher Grace (Edwin)
  • Alice Braga (Issabelle)
  • Dany Trejo (Cuchillo)
  • Walton Goggins (Stans)
  • Laurence Fisburne (Noland)

MPAA Rating : PG-13 for violence, horror images, slime and gore
Runtime : 106 Min
Company : Twentieth Century Film Fox Corporation

Once upon a time, a group of murderous humans have been kidnapped and transported to a distant planet and it is a galaxy far, far away from earth. all of them did not realized when they been kidnapped and by the time they wakes up is when they are flying to the ground and needs to open up their parachute. Where within the group we’ve got mercenaries, a bandit/thug, convict, special ops soldier, member of the Yakuza and incongruously, a doctor.

All of them reached the ground safely as they keeps on walking up ground to find safer territory. This time instead of one Predator, we have a number of them. This give us the opportunity to watch the humans take down one or two and get a couple of shots in instead of it happening only at the end. In the movie the doctor was the most decent whereas all the members of the groups are the most scariest person on earth. all of them were confuse why is this doctor included in the jungle. They suddenly found a lot of cages, and they believe it was a beasts' cage that has been sent to that planet along with them.

On earth, those people were a predators, but now they are looked after the predator and they have to fight for their survival against an unknown enemy. The story is VERY close to the original film, only it takes place on another world, and with multiple Predators. Personally, I didn’t mind, as long as the basic story work for what it is hehe

Overall about this movie is 7 out of 10, actually it the movie was as I expected, I would give an eight however the movie was in a stable level, where there is no nerves or heart exercising hahaha but it was good enough for entertaining a new story way that they’ve been delivered to us .

Oh ya, and by the way, you will found out why the doctor included in the groups as you watch this epic movie :) in this review i will not share all unexpected scenes.

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